Charitable Gambling

Thank You for your continuous support to our Post by playing Pull Tabs, attending Bingo on Wednesday evenings and participating in the Meat raffle on Thursdays!

Through your contributions we are able to do so much good work in and around our community.

If you are a 501c3 charitable organization, you can now make a request of us by using this form.  Follow the instructions included with the form. You can fill it out online and then print it and mail it to us with a copy of your 501c3. You MUST attach a copy of your original 501c3 IRS Letter of Determination from the IRS. This form is required before the gambling committee can consider any requests for donations.

To be considered at the next scheduled Charitable Gambling meeting, your request MUST be received no later than the 20th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are part of a Government Unit, School District, Church or City a 501c3 is not required.

Very Respectively, Jo
Strong – Gambling Manager Post 1776