Honey Jack is back!

Let me preface this posting by saying I don’t drink a lot. But I do have my one shot of Jack Daniels a day (purely for medicinal purposes – see the 11 health benefits of it). Anyone at the Legion will tell you I am more at home with a cup of coffee than a beer. With that being the case, imagine my surprise when I heard that my favorite liquor was in stock!

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Carla (our Commander), Joe and their lovely daughter this morning. Where I was reminded by Joe that the Post now has Jack Daniel’s Honey liquor behind the bar.

If you have not tried this liquor over ice you do not know what you are missing! It is so smooth and tasty that I find stopping at just one may is difficult to do. It is the perfect after meal drink.

I’ve been a fan of Jack Daniels for decades and Honey Jack as I call it, for the past few years. Come on in folks and try it. You’ll like it.

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