February 28, 2021

American Legion Post 1776

Serving Veterans since 1976

Commanders Message – June

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Spring Greetings to all!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!! I know that this holiday means more to me and my family than most others. It’s a time to remember and reflect on our lost loved ones and make sure no one ever forgets the sacrifices that were made for us and our freedoms!!

We honor the sacrifices of prior generations. We honor the sacrifices of the men and women next door who have served or continue to serve our country. And we pledge never to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day! I think that this is a real problem in our country today.

It seems like our younger generations don’t care about the past and where their freedom came from. I bought poppies for all my co-workers and only 2 out of 20 even knew what the meaning of the poppy was……how sad. We must step up and teach the generations to come how important that these sacrifices are and how they should pass this knowledge to their children lest we forget……

As Veterans, we pledge never to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. We would not have the privilege of celebrating this day and honoring so many memories without the sacrifices of those who gave their last full measure of devotion.

Flag Day is coming up on June 14th! We plan on having a ceremony out back by the pavilion. I’ve invited all the local boy scouts and girl scouts to come help us and learn more about the history of our flag and the proper destruction of the old, tired flags. Please come and join us!!

We are starting a new American Legion Post 1776 Riders group!! I know it’s been awhile since we had our own group but please pass the word!! We have a ton of motorcycle riders in our post and I think it would be great to get it going again. If you are interested please contact me and I will put your name on our list for the first meeting!! ctappainer@charter.net

Remember that our flag does not fly because the wind moves it……
it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it……

Commander Carla

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