February 28, 2021

American Legion Post 1776

Serving Veterans since 1976


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Hello again Fellow Legionnaires and Legion Family

Donations for Month – FOR VETERANS AND COMMUNITY :

  • Flaming Pine Youth Camp
  • 3rd District Presidents Project
  • MS Golf Tournament
  • Velvetones
  • Eastview HS Adaptive Physical Education
  • Eastview Lightning Softball
  • A.V.H.S. Trap Shooting Club
  • Rice County Steam And Gas
  • National Security and Foreign Relations Committee
  • Dakota County Voiture 1457

As you can see everybody and their brother is asking for donations. Each month I have a formula to figure out what the total donations can be. Some organizations get their requests cut, and sometimes the Gambling Committee recommends a small bump up.

Even though I haven’t met the new Club Manager yet, in conversations that I have had she seems to have several good ideas to help with profitability. Did you know that by State statutes Gambling is forbidden from using any monies on bar improvements that must come strictly from the Post and Club proceeds?

Our Wednesday night Bingo has been a huge success, and for that I would like to thank Leanne and the great group of sellers and callers. As far as callers go we are working on that on an ongoing basis. If you know of any improvements in the Booth or Bingo Operation drop me an email at gambling1776@charter.net and I will respond to your queries.

Well until next month, still serving Veterans and Community!

Marv Jarvis, Gambling Manager Post 1776

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