March 1, 2021

American Legion Post 1776

Serving Veterans since 1976

Hastings Veteran’s Home Project

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From the Desk of our Commander

I will be placing a box by the door for people to place items in for the vets. Please give the gift cards to Linsey or Joan for safe keeping. Once I get a full box, I will take it to the Veteran’s Home. I would like this to be an ongoing project throughout the year and I’m hoping to get all the posts in the 3rd District to do the same.

Immediate Needs at the Hastings Veteran’s Home:


  • Boxers: SM, MD, LG and XLG
  • Boxer Briefs: all sizes – small thru 3X
  • T-shirts – colored and white
  • A-shirts (tank): MD, LG, 2X and 3X
  • V-neck shirts: LG, XL and 2X
  • Crew neck shirts: can be colored w/pockets – MD, 2X and 3X

Other needs:

$10 gift cards from Subway, Great Clips (or other cheap hair places), Perkins, Walmart, Target, etc. They need to be local to Hastings so the vets can use them. We use these as progress rewards for many different health and social workers’ programs.

FULL SIZE body wash, toothpaste, facial tissues, room deodorizers (hard), alcohol free mouth wash and other personal care items.

SOAP PODS!!! We use 600 plus every month. Our vets wash their own clothes. We like Tide, Gain or any good liquid pod. We find the best price at Sam’s or Costco. They are in boxes of about 150 pods. This is a critical item for us. It is a budget item of over $6,000 per year.

Electric shavers: not expensive ones. We use about 20 a year.

Surge suppressers with a long cord. We have an old building and they usually only have only one outlet per vet.

Adopt a Vet Program for the Holidays

We give you a name, size and branch of service. You shop for what you think would be nice. We like them wrapped so they have gifts to open. Keep the amount modest but we do not tell you how much or what to give. We strive to adopt every veteran out for the holiday season. Call if you would like to participate. We have 160 veterans in our facility.

Questions?? Call Sue at 651-539-2442 or 651-212-8812 or you can email her at

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