March 1, 2021

American Legion Post 1776

Serving Veterans since 1976

Legion is closed until further notice

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Per Governor Walz’s order 20-18, Post 1776 will remain closed until further notice (the date keeps changing thanks to ….) .

There are NO MEETINGS until further notice. No gambling committee, no Executive Board and No General Membership meetings for the Legion, SAL, or Auxiliary. All scheduled activities are also cancelled until further notice including the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Dinner.

We will be looking for you soon. Until then perhaps we’ll see you on the bike paths and trails getting in some exercise!

1 thought on “Legion is closed until further notice

  1. This is a note I sent yesterday to my colleagues on the Apple Valley Post 1776 Color Guard/Honor Guard. It certainly applies to my fellow Legionnaires in the Post and throughout the Community:

    From a kid growing up in the suburbs, watching the war on TV like everyone else, not understanding why they so disrespected your Service and sometimes spat on your Uniform, later wearing that same uniform, to now growing old with you and learning your story and your continued service to our Country I can now say as a very proud American and fellow Legionnaire, Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, Welcome Home.

    On today’s National Vietnam War Veterans Day, I woke with a prayer of thanks for knowing each one of you, appreciating your sacrifice and with hope you have peace and the knowledge that you did America proud. March 29th is indeed a special day and it would have been more special if, as a Post, we were able to officially welcome you home. That celebration and official Welcome Home is postponed not cancelled. We’ll have the breakfast and the opportunity to do it right, to do it the American way.

    As you go about your day, even in isolation from the rest of the community to ward off the pandemic, I hope someone recognizes your Service, your sacrifice. If not, know I do, and even though you may not hear from many others, know there is a growing cadre of Americans who truly do. Welcome home Vietnam War Veterans, welcome home. May God bless you and protect you from the horrors of war, heal your scares and give you peace as you continue to serve Him and our community.

    Welcome home and thank you for your Service.

    With warmest regards and respect,

    Note: Please watch for the new date of our Post’s Welcome Home Event. It’ll be posted on our Website and at the Post.

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