March 1, 2021

American Legion Post 1776

Serving Veterans since 1976

Proposed Bylaw changes – VOTE April 17th

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Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776

Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Changes:

In general, replace the title “Club Manager” with “General Manager” throughout the document.

ARTICLE III – EXECUTIVE BOARD – Section 3 – add new item f):

f) The Board will have final approval for termination of the General Manager or the Business Manager upon recommendation of the Operations Group.

ARTICLE IV – OPERATIONS GROUP – Section 2 – item a):

All members shall be notified by mail email or telephone at least two (2) days in advance of any special meeting.”

ARTICLE IV – OPERATIONS GROUP – Section 3 – merge items b) and c) and renumber the remaining subparagraphs:

Item b) …… “ for all financial affairs of the clubroom and kitchen, including purchasing, maintaining, sale and disposal of all clubroom and kitchen properties, per limits as defined in Article VIII, Section 3 1.”

ARTICLE V – ELECTIONS, INSTALLATIONS, etc. – Section 5 – add item c):

Item c) “ Because of the potential issues either real or perceived related to conflict of interest, favoritism or the potential for a stressful work environment, no member may serve on any board or committee of this Post that has oversight of an employee that is a relative of the member. For the purpose of this policy, relative means husbands, wives, live-in partners, domestic partners, parents, children, siblings, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles of both marital and step relationships.”


..”except the Nominating Committee, of which he or she is not a member, unless he has completed a previous term as Commander.


Delete Section 1 as duplicate to the “CONSTITUTION – ARTICLE VI – FINANCE” and replace with the following to define in one place the various expenditure authorization levels and delete all others throughout the document.)

Section 1. Post 1776 non-operational expenditures (i.e., capital equipment, repairs, remodeling) limits are as follows:

Up To

General Manager $ 500.00

Operations Group

Normal 2,500.00

Emergency 5,000.00

Commander and Finance Officer 10,000.00

Executive Board 30,000.00

Section 3. Delete Item a) and renumber the remaining subparagraphs.

Standing Rules of Apple Valley Post 1776

GAMBLING COMMITTEE – Add new item (l)

(l) The Gambling Manager shall have final approval over all Gambling Employee hiring and firing upon recommendation of the Assistant Gambling Manager.


Delete Items (h) and (m) and renumber remaining items.

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